The Way

Where do I begin.. How do I tell a story of a path that has no beginning and no end.
We have held our breath.. waiting, waiting
Where are you
See those who’s hands you hold
Closest to the heart
Do you feel it quicken
Home is calling..
I know a truth
But how do i speak it.
It will terrify with it’s freedom
A whisper on the wind.
As a leaf I fall
Twisting, gliding, turning,
Forever moving
To where I will be.
Settled here
This time this space
The Earth cradles
As she rocks
Ever beneath me
My truth
Engulfing, filling
A reflection staring back
Each soul bleeding forth itself.
A journey
As yet unseen
A final sigh
A body, a story of ages
One sacred moment
All remembered
Holding eternity
On the final steps to the road where I will end